HV/MV/LV Substations

AK-AY Elektrik guarentees, quality substation design, planning and execution are critical to ensure the continuous supply and quality of electricity power service.

HV/MV/LV Substations - Sapele Substation

HV/MV/LV Substations - Mobile Plug & Play Substations

HV/MV/LV Substations - Control & Protection Equipment

HV/MV/LV Substations - Substation

Quality substation designplanning and execution are critical to ensure the continuous supply and quality of electricity power service.

When it comes to project constraints such as limited-budget, fast-track schedule, extension works, complex modifications or rehabilitations, AK-AY Elektrik does it all from developing conceptual drawings to test & commissioning.

Our substation division is especially focused to offer our clients a world class substation in terms of innovative, cost effective design and energy efficient operation. We provide turn-key basis solutions forboth Air Insulated and Gas Insulated Substations up to 550 kV.


We design:

AK-AY Elektrik has many years of experience working at all voltage levels. The professional team of Design Engineers settled in Head Office focus heavily on ensuring that all our desing services are feasible for our clients’ needs, from high level engineering studies to comprehensive total design analysis.

Regardless of substation size and configuration we provide;

Component technical specifications

Single Line Diagrams and Construction drawings

Primary and Secondary detailed designs

Electrical Plant layouts and sections

Steel Structure and Foundation designs

Cabling layouts

Multicore cable schedules

Detailed control and protection schemes and wiring diagrams

Interface schemes

Earthing survey, calculations and design

Site visits to identify scope of work


We execute:

AK-AY Elektrik has fully trained eligible Project Managers and Site Managers with many years experience in the Power Industry. Besies, all of our Site Engineers, Supervisors, Foremen and Operators have extensive trainings on all of the products and installation procedures in order to ensure competency and quality.

Our teams are fully equipped with the best personal protective equipment and have a vast knowledge of HSE standards for work safety.

Our capabilities of execution including but not restricted to the following;

- All Civil Works and construction up to 500kV, with lattice, tubular, and l-beam steel

- Heavy hauling and rigging of HV equipments

- Transformer reinforcement and rehabilitation

- Concrete and drill foundations

- Control table installation and terminations

- Control panel installation and wiring

- Building control panels

- Programmable logic controller installation

- Substation and equipment maintenance/clean up

- HV Equipment (Instrument Transformers, Disconnect Switches, Circuit Breakers etc.) installation


We conclude:

AK-AY Elektrik provides real-time monitoring, control and protection of electricity power delivery systems. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled test & commissioning engineers to provide a the best service for our clients for all types of substation and equipment.


We can offer wide range of test and commissioning service includes;
- Power Transformer turns tatio tests (TTR), dissolved gas analysis (DGS)

- Tap Changer test, power factor testing and AVC schemes

- Circuit Breaker timing , gas leak, contact resistance tests

- Protective Relay setting applications, functional tests, event analysis and troubleshooting

- Battery and Battery Charger tests

- Ground Grid resistivity tests

- Primary injection of CT circuits & protection systems

- Secondary injection of protection relays & systems

- CT magnetisation characteristics

- Pressure testing of Switchgear, Cables and Busbars

- Electrical and mechanical function testing of Substation Control and Protection Schemes, Switchgear, Disconnectors, etc.


Mobile and Plug & Play Substations

AK-AY Elektrik also designs and constructs 132/33 kV and 33/11 kV mobile substations built on heavy duty trailer with air suspension axles and also 33/11 kV plug & play substations including digital substation control systems which brings a lot of advantages for utilities such as;
- Prefabricated, Factory assembled and Tested

- Fast and secure delivery

- Ready to connect network

- Cost efficent- Right on time

- Mimimized civil works and installation