AK-AY Elektrik successfully added 9 more substation commissioning to its completion record history.

Within 1 year period test & commissioning of 132/33 kV Central Area, 330/132/33 kV Katampe, 132/33 kV Kumbotso, 330/132/33 kV Mando, 132/33 kV Oworonshoki, 132/33 kV Agbara, 132/33 kV Ojo, 330 kV Alaoji Extension and 330 kV Alaoji Power Plant Substations completed on behalf of NIPP (National Integrated Power Project) and PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria). 

Majority of supply and installation of all HV Equipments including Circuit Breakers, Disconnect Switches, Instrument Transformers and special designed AK-AY Control/Protection/Automation and Alarm Panels conducted by AK-AY Elektrik with co-operation of Local Partners. 

Following 4 Substations, 330/132 kV Ikeja West Part 1, 132/33 kV Ojo Part 2, 330 kV New Haven and Alaoji Power Plant Part 2 Substations will be commissioned during the second half of 2012.